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August 12 2012


Photos images

First permanent photograph - "View from your Window at Le Gras"

This French inventor is credited with having taken the very first EVER permanent photograph, in 1826. His earliest surviving photograph (possibly even his first) called "View from the Window at Le Gras"

View from your Window at Le Gras - Joseph Nicéphore Niépce

What you see above is the photo that started all of it off. Among the first permanent photos ever. I'd call that the achievement! with countless photographs taken everyday, by professionals, or by a kid along with his phone, this is by far the very first photo to get been taken. The fundamentals of methods the photo is made involve employing a polished pewter plate, and Bitumen, (from petroleum). When Bitumen is subjected to light, it hardens, so after exposing the bitumen to light for some time while, the unhardened bitumen can be washed away leaving some light areas, and a few eye shadows, creating an image.

First photograph of men and women - "Boulevard du Temple"

Somebody of Joseph Nicéphore Niépce's, Louis Daguerre, took the initial photograph of people ever. your profile photo? Easy, get a phone out of your pocket, try an image, snap, you're done, Mr Daguerre spent many years refining the bitumen technique, and finally put on the extender to accept the picture bellow!

Boulevard du Temple by Louis Daguerre

This photo took Ten minutes to expose, plus underneath left corner, through the road, you will see a man getting his shoes shined. Because the traffic was moving, the exposure was too much time to capture it, but these two men, have there been long enough to be the first two photographed men! This photo was used late 1938 or early 1939.

First colour photograph - "Tartan Ribbon"

Colour photography was explored from the Nineteenth century, but were relatively unsuccessful, as only temporary images could be made, and the techniques used were not sensitive to red or green light unill the 1870s!

Tartan Ribbon - Thomas Sutton

The very first colour photo was used 1861, by (you guessed it) a Scottish physicist named James Clerk.Maxwell.

First CCD sensor (Oncoming of portrait digital photography)

In 1969, the charge-coupled device was invented in AT&T Bell Labs by Willard Boyle and George E Smith. The lab was during the time, working on semiconductor bubble memory, in the event it occurred to Boyle and Smith how the "device could be used being a shift register and as a linear and area imaging device"

Boyle and Smith on the 2009 Nobel prize press conference

I can't explain how it works perfectly so sourced from my buddy Wikipedia: "The first working CCD made out of integrated circuit technology was a simple 8-bit shift register. This device had input and output circuits and was utilized to demonstrate its use like a shift register and as a crude eight pixel linear imaging device. "

You may already know, these 8 pixels, have become rather basic when compared with our 80000000 pixel medium format camera!

First photo uploaded to the Internet

Les Horribles Cernettes -First photo on the net

Yeah, I understand I was thinking it might be a cooler photo too. The CERN house band, "Les Horribles Cernettes" were lucky enough to get have this beautiful image of all of them uploaded from what today is a big mass of billions of photos!

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